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INF510 Principles of Programming for Informatics
Syllabus: Jeremy Abramson
INF520 Foundations of Information Security
INF521 Application of Cryptography to Information Security Problems
INF522 Policy: The Foundation for Successful Information Assurance
Syllabus: Mark Heckman  
INF523 Assurance in Cyberspace Applied to Information Security
Syllabus:  Mark Heckman

INF524 Distributed Systems and Network Security

INF525 Trusted System Design, Analysis and Development
Syllabus:  Robert Schell
INF526 Secure Systems Administration
INF527 Secure Systems Engineering
INF528 Computer and Network Forensics
Syllabus:  Josef Greenfield
INF549 Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science
Syllabus: Yolanda Gil
INF550 Overview of Data Informatics in Large Data Environments
Syllabus:  Seon Ho Kim
INF551 Foundations of Data Management
Syllabus: Link
INF552 Machine Learning for Data Informatics
Syllabus:  Stefan Scherer, Matthew Michelson 
INF553 Foundations and Applications of Data Mining
Syllabus:  Ann Chervenak
INF554 Information Visualization
Syllabus:  Luciano Nocera
INF555 User Interface Design, Implementation, and Testing
Syllabus: Pedro Szekely
INF556 User Experience Design and Strategy
Syllabus:  Jaime Levy
INF560 Data Informatics Professional Practicum
Syllabus:  Atefeh Farzindar
INF561 Engineering Data Analytics
Syllabus:  Enroll in ISE 529
INF562 Integration of Medical Imaging Systems
Syllabus:  Brent Liu
INF563 Medical Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Informatics Application
Syllabus:  Brent Liu
INF590 Directed Research